Colne Valley Male Voice Choir has for many years enjoyed a reputation for excellence and enjoyment in music making.  Currently under the musical direction of Thom Meredith, it is the choir’s intention to encourage a younger generation to develop a passion for singing. To this end it has launched Colne Valley Boys (CVB) to secure the future of male voice singing in the valley.

Targeted initially, though not exclusively, at the upper end of primary school.

We currently have boys from the age of 8 to 18 and are hoping to continue to increase our numbers.

We have been rehearsing since April 2010 and a number of the boys have been with us from the beginning and are now part of our senior group and sing Tenor, Baritone and Bass. This allows us to increase the repertoire of Colne Valley Boys.

It is hoped to develop a vibrant and exciting group of boys who will enjoy getting together to sing under the musical direction of Thom Meredith.

The boys will perform music in a wide range of musical styles including  folk, music theatre, classical, pop repertoire and world music with the emphasis firmly on having fun at the same time as creating a top class ensemble.

 We aim not only to nurture the self esteem and confidence of each of the boys through their music making, but also to allow them to forge friendships and become ambassadors for our area, using music to enhance their lives and to develop skills and enthusiasms which will stay with them forever.

They will learn the discipline of performing at high profile events, while at the same time enjoying a relaxed and fulfilling musical experience.